Foraging Friday: bird covers tracks

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“To interpret activities, the tracker must visualize the actions of the feet that created the various disturbances of the ground in and around the track. Signs that the animal’s feet pushed into the ground may indicate a sudden stop or change of direction. Sand may be kicked up, indicating a fast gait. Drag marks may indicate fatigue or injury…
When an animal has been drinking at a waterhole, splash marks will be very fresh, since the water evaporates quickly. If it is still early in the morning, and the animal’s footprints are superimposed on top of fresh tracks of a diurnal animal, such as a small bird, then there is a reliable upper limit to the age of the tracks.
If the animal was resting in the shade, a fairly accurate estimation of the position of the sun at that time can be made. When a very strong wind is blowing, tracks may rapidly lose definition, so clear, distinct footprints will be very fresh.”
-The Origin of Science, pg. 67, The Evolutionary Roots of Scientific Reasoning and its Implications for Citizen Science, Louis Liebenberg

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Max Gordon
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