Jupiter: 4-week Survival Course!


This is one course amongst the many that we offer. I hope you enjoy and leave feedback for future students.


I’m so excited to offer this to the south Florida community. Survival skills can be hard to understand without an instructor. So welcome!

This course is open to all ages and and capabilities, including families. We’ll cover the necessary skills of survival: fire, water, food, shelter, and awareness. I’ll take you through my entire curriculum which includes foraging, tracking, hunting, and more.

Jupiter, FL – Starting FEB. 11th, from 1pm-2:30pm

  1. February 11th
  2. February 18th
  3. March 18th
  4. March 25th


  • Location: Carlin Park, Beach Side, near blue bathrooms, under benches
  • Classes: fire making, tool-making and animal tracking
  • Drop-off program, but parents can stay
  • Hand-on learning

1 review for Jupiter: 4-week Survival Course!

  1. lionmanschoolofrewilding

    “Many things! Nash loved his teacher (you) and hiking. He learned a lot”

    “I think they loved having adventures out in nature. It sounds like you had a great way of spreading your enthusiasm and creating a spirit of adventure.”

    “Hanging out with you, making fires, iceskating, going to the caves, learning about the plants”

    “You! The heart is great and that is apparent”

    “Taking part in the games and meeting new friends”

    “My daughter enjoyed going to the river, and making a fort.”

    “Someone to look up to”

    “Edible foraging. Often Got to go somewhere new. Played games and got to visit the caves frequently. It was so fun.”

    “she said she liked turning the garden bed with her girl friends; she liked having adventures with you in the woods, throwing something like archery, arrow, she forgot the name. . she mentioned to me often felt relaxed in your class, got to do some work at the same time had time to hang out with her girl friends, (I liked it you took them for long meaningful walks in the neighborhood for various projects)”

    “The organized games played together outside”

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