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Course Overview: The Fire Skills course offers a captivating exploration of one of humanity’s most essential and ancient skills. Participants will delve into the principles, techniques, and spiritual significance of primitive fire making, gaining the knowledge and confidence to ignite flames in harmony with nature. Through hands-on experiences, students will discover the transformative power of fire as they connect with the ancestral wisdom that has been passed down through the ages.

Course Highlights:

  1. Fire in Human History and Culture: Uncover the historical, cultural, and spiritual significance of fire across different civilizations. Explore the evolution of fire-making techniques and the integral role fire has played in human survival, rituals, storytelling, and community bonding. Gain a deeper understanding of the sacred relationship between humans and fire.

  2. Principles of Fire: Delve into the fundamental principles that govern the creation and sustenance of fire. Learn about the combustion triangle, the role of oxygen, fuel sources, and heat transfer. Understand how different materials ignite, burn, and produce heat, laying the foundation for successful fire making.

  3. Friction Fire Making: Explore the ancient art of friction fire making, including techniques such as the bow drill, hand drill, and fire plow. Master the skills required to generate the necessary heat through controlled friction, using natural materials and understanding the importance of proper form, pressure, and technique.

  4. Natural Tinder and Fire-Starting Materials: Discover a myriad of natural tinder and fire-starting materials found in the wilderness. Learn to identify, gather, and prepare various materials such as charcloth, feather sticks, birch bark, and fungus. Explore their properties, suitability, and effectiveness in igniting and sustaining flames.

  5. Building and Managing Fires: Gain practical knowledge on building different types of fires, including teepee, log cabin, and Dakota fire pit. Understand the principles of fire lay, airflow management, and the proper arrangement of fuel to optimize efficiency and longevity. Learn techniques for managing and extinguishing fires responsibly.

Throughout this course, participants will not only acquire the practical skills of primitive fire making but also develop a profound appreciation for the deep connection between humans and fire. Whether you seek to reconnect with ancient wisdom, enhance your outdoor survival skills, or simply experience the primal joy of kindling flames, the Fire Skills course offers an unforgettable journey into the heart of this elemental art form.


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