Afterschool Program for Schools

$4,000.00 / Month

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey into the world of survival skills? Our program is designed with hands-on experiences and invaluable knowledge to thrive in the wilderness!

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Ages: 4 & up

Length: 6 months
Frequency: weekly for 2 hours
Price/student/month: $200
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*Curriculum: see below

Weeks 1-4: Exploring Nature and Plants

*Classes 1-2: In these first classes, we’ll start our adventure in childhood archaeology. Think of it as a journey through time. We’ll learn about plants in our surroundings that can be food or even help when we feel unwell. We’ll also make some early art!

*Classes 3-4: We’ll keep exploring outside. Imagine you’re a nature detective. We’ll find plants we can eat and others that can make us feel better if we’re sick.

Weeks 5-8: Fire and Shelters

*Classes 5-6: Now, let’s imagine you’re learning how to make a fire like people did long ago. Fire was like a special magic to them. We’ll also talk about why fire was so important back then.

*Classes 7-8: Imagine building a house with things you find in nature. Just like people did in ancient times, you’ll make your own shelter.

Weeks 9-12: Tracking, Tools, and Fun Games

*Classes 9-10: These classes are like going on a nature adventure. We’ll follow animal tracks, just like early explorers. It’s like reading a story written on the ground.

*Classes 11-12: Let’s be inventors like the old days. You’ll make tools from things you find outside and play games that kids played a long time ago. We can learn about their lives from the games they played.

Weeks 13-16: Water and Fishing

*Classes 13-14: We’re moving near water now. Imagine finding clean water and making it safe to drink, like a water explorer. Water is so important, and people in the past knew how to keep it safe.

*Classes 15-16: Think of yourself as a fisherman from the past. You’ll learn how to catch fish the way they did back then. It’s like a fishy time machine!

Weeks 17-20: Weaving and Containers

*Classes 17-18: Let’s be artists and weavers. Just like kids did in the old days, you’ll make baskets and woven things. It’s like making art with nature.

*Classes 19-20: Imagine making containers like jars or boxes but without plastic or metal. You’ll use things from nature to make them. It’s like making your own treasure chests.

Weeks 21-24: Clothing, Primitive Art, and Stories from the Past

*Classes 21-22: Time to learn about making clothes and why they were important to people from long ago. Imagine tanning hides and turning them into clothing.

*Classes 23-24: Get ready to be an artist! You’ll create primitive art that tells stories about ancient times. It’s like drawing history pictures with your hands.

Weeks 25-28: Natural Movement, Sustainability, Archaeology, and Challenges

*Classes 25-26: Let’s move like people did in the past. Think of yourself as an explorer, moving through nature smoothly. You’ll learn how they stay fit and healthy. We’ll also talk about how we can take care of the Earth, just like people did a long time ago.

*Classes 27-28: In our final classes, we’ll become archaeologists, just like the ones who dig up old treasures. We’ll also take on challenge courses that will test our skills and make us feel like real adventurers. It’s like being in a fun outdoor challenge!

    * The schedule may vary depending on the instructor, weather, location, local laws, resource availability, etc.


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Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey into the world of survival skills? Our year-long course is designed specifically for schools, providing students with hands-on experiences and invaluable knowledge to thrive in the wilderness!

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