Foraging Friday:

Foraging Friday:

Click here for survival classes in southeast Florida or southern New York.

Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast, FL

What i’m Researching:

“So we drank our fill, emptying the water bottles before setting off at a stiff pace.

…As we followed the tracks I could visualise the whole event unfolding in front of me. The kudu started to show signs of hyperthermia. It was kicking up sand and its stride was getting shorter. As it ran from shade to shade, the distances between its resting periods became shorter and shorter.

In visualising the kudu I projected myself into its situation. Concentrating on the spoor I was so caught up in the event that I was completely unaware of my own state of exhaustion.

As if in an almost trance- like state I could not only see how the kudu was leaping from one set of tracks to the next, but in my body I could actually feel how the kudu was moving. In a sense it felt as if I myself actually became the kudu, as if I myself was leaping from one set of tracks to the next.

-The Origin of Science, pg. 19, The Evolutionary Roots of Scientific Reasoning and its Implications for Citizen Science, Louis Liebenberg


Have a wonderful weekend, all.


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