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What i’m researching

The following is an excerpt from a 2008 paper called “Revolution or evolution: the emergence of the Upper Paleolithic in Europe”

The emergence of the Upper Paleolithic is traditionally envisioned in terms of a clear rupture with the Middle Paleolithic. From this perspective, the Aurignacian is interpreted as the culture that would realize the systematization of numerous innovations and become the instrument of victory of Modern Humans over Neanderthal populations…

I hypothesize that one of the driving forces of the technological evolution of human groups between 45,000 and 30,000 bp could have been the search for technical solutions for the arming of projectiles.

Quote i’m pondering

“I for myself, with all the manifold tendencies of my nature, cannot get enough from one way of thinking; as poet and artist I am a polytheist, as natural scientist a pantheist, and am one just as positively as the other. If I need a God for my personality as a moral person, that is also already provided for” – Goethe, 1813


Videos i’m creating: Sand pine!


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