Foraging Friday: Indigenous trackers

Here is your weekly dose of Foraging Friday, a list of what I’m pondering and exploring.

What i’m Creating:

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What i’m Researching:

“Lone Tree, Central Kalahari, August 29, 1990. We had been hunting for two weeks with no luck. It was at the end of the dry season and the dry grass made it difficult to stalk close enough to animals to get a good shot with a bow and arrow. That morning we were tracking a healthy kudu bull.

By midday we caught up with it, but again it ran away. This was when !Nate, Kayate and Boroh//xao decided to run it down. It was an extremely hot day and conditions were ideal for persistence hunting. !Nam!kabe, who was too old to run far, went back to our camp with all our unnecessary weight – bows and arrows, digging sticks, clubs and my camera equipment.

They told me to go back with !Nam!kabe, because no white man can run down a kudu in such heat. But I insisted that I had to run with them so that I can see how they do it.

-The Origin of Science”, The Evolutionary Roots of Scientific Reasoning and its Implications for Citizen Science, Louis Liebenberg

Video of the Week: Fishing-net

Have a wonderful weekend, all.


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