Foraging Friday: human evolution The latest from author and forager, Max Gordon

Here is your weekly dose of Foraging Friday, a list of what I’m pondering and exploring:

Nature Programs: available in Florida and New York


What i’m Researching:

“Endurance running may be a derived capability of the genus Homo and may have been instrumental in the evolution of the human body form (Bramble and Lieberman, 2004).

Walking alone cannot account for many of the derived features of early Homo, because the mass-spring mechanics of running, which differ fundamentally from the pendular mechanics of walking, require structural specializations for energy storage and stabilization that have little role in walking.

Such specialized structures include: an extensive system of springs in the leg and foot that effectively store and release significant elastic energy during running; short toes; enlarged gluteus maximus and spinal extensor muscles that contract strongly to stabilize the trunk in running but not in walking; enlarged semicircular canals that sense pitching motions of the head necessary to stabilize gaze; and a narrow waist in combination with a low, wide, decoupled shoulder girdle that have essential stabilizing functions in running (Bramble and Lieberman, 2004).”

-The Origin of Science, pg. 45, The Evolutionary Roots of Scientific Reasoning and its Implications for Citizen Science, Louis Liebenberg

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Have a wonderful weekend, all.


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