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What are survival skills?

Survival skills, which have deep roots in human history, offer practical techniques for thriving in challenging environments and can be a fascinating journey of education, even for kids, through the lens of experimental archaeology and history. These skills, reminiscent of our resourceful ancestors, involve studying ancient methods, like replicating stone tool production and shelter construction, to understand how people in the past coped with their surroundings.

Learning these skills can be a kid-friendly adventure, as it not only equips young individuals to handle adventures in nature but also opens a window to the past. Imagine kids building shelters using traditional methods or crafting tools from natural materials. This hands-on experience fosters self-reliance and creates a connection with history, making education an exciting and engaging endeavor. 

For young outdoor enthusiasts, mastering these skills goes beyond recreation; it’s a chance to bond with nature and develop problem-solving abilities. By combining ancient wisdom with modern preparedness, kids empower themselves with resilience and adaptability, bridging the gap between the past and the present in an educational and fun way.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reconnect every student in the world with survival skills.

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Nature Literacy

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Our Team​

Max Gordon

CEO and Founder

Max is the CEO and founder of the LionMan School of ReWilding. He created it in 2018 and has taught in four eastern states since then. .

Antar Roy

technology manager

Antar: Tech manager, innovative leader, skilled in complex landscapes, builds high-performing teams, drives innovation, delivers exceptional result


Customer Success

Frank has been with the Lionman school since March 2023. He specializes in Stone Tools and primitive weaponry and has been demonstrating these ancestral skills since he was 17. He has an undergraduate degree in Archaeology and has a passion for replicating Paleoindian and Archaic points.

Jaden Goodman

Marketing manager

Jaden: Surf counselor, ethnobotany teacher, survival skills instructor, volleyball player, passionate about teaching rewilding and environmental awareness.

Arianna Castillo

lead instructor

Arianna is a lead instructor behind the scenes, helping customers with onboarding. She has specialties ranging from Natural Building with cob to Caribbean Herbalism and is certified through the American Herbalist Guild.


New instructor

Meet Dennis, an experienced professional with a passion for emergency services and a solid commitment to ensuring the safety and security of others. Growing up in a close-knit farm community, Dennis developed a profound sense of community spirit and a deep appreciation for nature and the outdoors. This upbringing instilled in him a love for the wilderness and a strong desire to protect and serve those around him.

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