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LionMan’s Staff

The LionMan School of ReWilding’s staff has extensive knowledge in providing primitive skills services. Our ReWilding coordinating team, are all experienced primitive skills practitioners.

Maximilian LionMan
CEO and Founder

Max is the President of the LionMan School of ReWilding. In 2018, Max received his degree in Wildlife Biology from the State University of New York, School of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, New York. Later in the 2018, he completed his Apprenticeship at the Maine Primitive Skills School. He’s currently finishing up his degree in Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Education from Sunbridge Institute.

Max can be contacted at:

Kaylah Bell

Kaylah Bell is a songwriter, and music teacher with a degree in Expressive Arts (Music) Therapy from Warren Wilson College. He is from Chestnut Ridge, NY. Kaylah has worked in many different educational settings (in school and in outdoor programs). He gets excited when he’s teaching music story-telling, singing, drumming, and instrument making!

Kaylah can be contacted at:


Our team may be available for side collaborations and talks worldwide.

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