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Who is Maximilian LionMan?

             Maximilian  is a researcher, gardener, and forager. He has this awe-inspiring aura from traveling to the depths of the Amazon rainforest, to the peaks of the Dolomites mountains in search of his true identity (an identity rooted in the Land). He has helped many people to recover and remember their ancestral capacities for ecstasy, dynamic congruence with their beloved power animals, and empowering thoughts and manifestations. He is a Man amongst the legends of our time. In combination with his fire, he can also harness earth energy and divine intention to grow trees, clean waters, and bring about true smiles. He has battled the darkest spirits with his longbow, potion kit, and healing herbs. Prepare to hear his story. 

              Maximilian grew up in Lenapehoking, or the lands of the Lenape People. The moderns call his home land, Chestnut Ridge, New York. After graduating in 2018 from SUNY-ESF, he ventured forth to the Maine Primitive Skills School in Augusta, Maine. There he met his real classmates, and together, they uncovered slowly the secrets of a long-forgotten time. Since then, he has started his business, the LionMan School of ReWilding, where the mission is to provide healing through primitive skills, herbal medicines, and permaculture. Currently, he in lives in Windham, Vermont, where he is a research fellow at Meadows Bee Farm. You can find him online, on his Facebook and Instagram profile.

What Is Nature Literacy:

                Nature literacy is your ability to read your landscape. It’s your ability to survive on your landscape. Food, water, shelter, fire, and mindset all are necessary to master in the natural environment if you wish to be self-reliant. 

               It takes a village is a term I enjoy. But sometimes, we’re caught alone, and we need to know how to get back to our village. Nature-literacy is just that. The jack of all trades, which includes: foraging, hunting, shelter building, clothing, fire making, stone tools, trapping, communication skills and much more.

The LionMan School of ReWilding was formed in 2018 to help people connect with nature. Since then, we have experienced the challenges of teaching. Now, with this Patreon offering, we hope to share online so that you can support our cause to protect land and connect people to land, in the comfort of your own homes. Anushiik!

Benefits of joining this course!

  • Full library access

           Paleoethnobotanical research- an working excel sheet that documents every native edible plant in Eastern North America

  • Food Navigation Guide

            The best companies for foods and medicines

  • Tincture Bottle

             Customized tincture made for you every season. My background with the Delta Institute of Natural History provides me with the knowledge of plant identification and plant preparations.

  • Medicinal/Edible Seed Packet

              Customized seed packets sent to you every season. The packets will contain wild-crafted fruits and cultivated fruits

  • Herbal Consultation

                Once a month, speak one-on-one about your progress. I will give herbal recommendations as I see necessary. 

  • Video tutorials & lessons

                 Once a week, a new video regarding primitive living skills.

  • Early access to content

                  Working on a book with Green Chelsea Publishing, and going to graduate school at Washington State at St. Louis. As publishing nears, will share with the crew.

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