The LionMan School of ReWilding

Herbalism, Edible Landscaping, Nature-Connection


Handmade and customized selection of salves and tinctures made of local, organic, wild-crafting, and fair-trade herbs and mushrooms.

Edible Landscapes

Together, we’ll create a rich backyard full of edible, native, medicinal, and useful plants that require little attention other than stuffing your face with gushing flavors!


A homeschooling service that utilizes principles from the 8-shields model, and Waldorf education.

The LionMan School of ReWilding

Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977

My name is Maximilian LionMan. I am a young man who is destined to reconnect each-other with where we all come from. The Land!

By supporting this work, you’re voting for regenerative agriculture, cottage industry, and a bright future. Thank you.

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